Sunday, July 3, 2016

Art & Musings

Lately I've discovered such a push and pull of questions, doubts, realizations,
About making art. 
For now I've come to the conclusion that I can't stop, and believe me - as simple as that sounds, 
There have been a lot of conversations in my head....
When do some artists stop the real work of going into the studio(whatever that may mean for them) ...going into the studio and showing up
To lay down on paper or canvas or table
And let it pour out?
Do some artists stop because their hands or their minds or hearts 
Are arthritic and broken?

What makes us so pulled to create that we 
Just. Cannot. Stop?

So many more to come.....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

peeking back in

it's been so long....but i'm back to give this another try.  i considered creating a whole new space but decided not to start anew, because it's really all one long story anyway.

giving my art a chance...

 more to come as i go through all of the learning curves of getting my etsy shop up.  cheers!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

hiatus of sorts

i had no intention of taking so long before i was back on this little place of mine...i don't even know where the time has gone except that i have been busy....falling in love(oh yes and it is wonderful), working my a++ off...and just trying to keep up.
back in november i had the honor and fun to participate in E.A.S.T.  this is the east austin studio tour.  every november for 10 years now, visitors can peruse artists studios - hundreds of working artists- on the east side of austin texas.  it has become a great local art event and my sweet friend and previous studio-mate, business partner, fellow teacher...cari, from pigoata studios invited me to present work there along with several other wonderful artists.  it was crazy.  it was a blast.  it renewed my belief that i can do whatever fashion i am able to at this time.  i loved it, and i sold almost every piece!!!  here is a sampling of my work:

i am making my way back into the studio and creating so many new pieces...i swear some day i will have a etsy shop.  some day.  for now, it is just the happiest place i can be, except of love. xoxo

Friday, November 4, 2011

autumn in austin

 the days have been gorgeous lately, and the nights getting cooler...into the 40's even.  all of this moderate temperature is making things bloom, calling us all to be outdoors and breath in and out the serenity and beauty of each day.  
i'm falling in love in many ways ...feeling the blessings that seem to be falling on me like stars pouring down from the heavens.

i'm whispering prayers of thanks and gratitude and asking for blankets of love to wrap around these feelings, cherished moments, dreams coming true.  life is too good not to grab hold of.  
and we all deserve it, the wonderfulness of everything possible and sweet.  
amazing grace.
lingering there...holding it close, and knowing that all is right.

Friday, October 7, 2011

stronger every day

through every step we take in this life....the challenges, the celebrations, the big and small moments....we are making our way.  and as we make our way, we make choices.  are you going to let a hurt defeat you, or will you grow stronger from it?  will you grab a hold of something amazing in front of you, and let the joy expand and spill over to everything else in your life?  that would be my choice...that IS my choice.  we get strength through it all...the good and the bad. i'm taking it all in, these days that have sometimes been hard, but mostly so full and tender and sweet...loving where the path takes me.

when i was recovering this summer in colorado...this was the road i walked every day, a winding road that went past gorgeous acres filled with animals and wildflowers, and a heavenly view of the rocky mountains.  i had many companions along the way, one being rasputin...a gorgeous warmblood who i would love on and talk to every morning.  this huge horse has enough strength to crush me...but he is the sweetest boy with the most gentle spirit.

and then there were the puppies...providing so much humor and joy to the household.  when i was first there, they weren't this big...but they are growing so fast and recently when i returned to colorado they accompanied me on walks.  

the days were so full of big and small moments that renewed my spirit and gave me strength both physically and soulfully.  i've been home for awhile and i am back to work in all kinds of ways...jumping into life and gathering all of the sweetest surprises coming my way.  
i feel stronger than i think i ever have in my life and i wish the same for all of you. xoxo

Monday, September 19, 2011

cracked...but not broken


There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
                                                                                                  Leonard Cohen

 it feels like forever since i've made it over here to this little place of mine...this blog.  it's not that i didn't have anything to say or share...i guess i just had to get to that place of being ready.  i have even spent the last 3 + months wondering if having this blog was what i really needed to do anymore.  i've never been really good at keeping it up.  but it is the connection with those of you like-minded, dream-chasing artists that keep me coming back and wanting to breath in and out the stories of our lives, our souls, our passion to follow the creative gifts we've been given.
as i write this, i am in one of my most favorite places in the world...a place of refuge and recovery.  i am where there are views of the colorado mountains, fields of flowers and horses and bunnies...and precious family members who have embraced me and loved me and taken care of me.   i am back in colorado for a 3 month post-op of tests and visits with an unbelievably amazing neurosurgeon who took me to the operating room for major neck surgery.  this time i am here with great anticipation and excitement and a growing strength that i did not have 3 months ago when i arrived for surgery.  those days were filled with pain and anxiety and b*i*g fears.  those days are behind me.  

during these last three months, recovery has included everything from physical challenges where taking 30 steps were a big the sweet realization of what the love of family and friends can do to nurture you (knowing so deeply how blessed i am to have that)...and eventually big-hearted, happy, tender moments when hearing a favorite song made me get up and dance barefoot again.  my eyes are wide open, and my heart and body so ready to jump into this brilliant life i have been given. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

fear - less

doing happy dances over here...

my art was selected to be in Somerset Studio magazine may/june issue.
this was a call for art submissions about being fearless.
so...being brave...i submitted my two pieces and a "article".
and although my writing was not published,
this time...
i will try again.

that is a big wish of mine someday, to have my art and my words in print.
putting it out there, offering it up, saying it out loud.
these are the words i wrote for these two pieces:

What does it mean to be fearless?  The word touches me to the core of my soul.
Fearless = strength, bravery, courage. 

There are many days that I don’t feel fearless.  There have been many times in my life that I have let fear hold me back.  Fear of not being enough, fear of making the wrong choice, fear of success and fear of failure.  But when I really stand in my own true self, I realize that I have been brave beyond anything that I ever could have imagined.

As a young woman I stood strong in a failing marriage.  Standing in that shattered dream, with a baby on the way, I pushed forward on the path of being a single mom.  Having a child definitely awakens a new part of you, and for me – it drew up many kinds of fears, but it also created in me a strength and determination that I never knew I had.  This wonderful, scary, and fulfilling time of my life spent “growing” my son has meant growing for me too.  As parents, we think we will teach our children about life, but I believe it is through our parenting that we learn what life is really all about. I’ve learned so much from my “boy” – who is now 21 years old.  I’ve learned about making hard choices, and holding on to will and determination.  I’ve learned to pursue dreams and embrace life, and to really, really love.  And I’ve learned that it is not without fear that we do these things, but through the fear we gain the strength, the bravery, and the courage for life.